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Every person, let it be your friend, relatives would love to get health related advice and tips from their doctors. Doctors too would love to share their knowledge with the patients in an easy to understand language. How often have you cleared your health related doubts from your doctors?
Lack of time is the main reason why effective doctor-patient communications doesn’t take place.

BeingTheDoctor is the best place to learn the tips and tricks for leading a healthy life. Here at BeingTheDoctor, we  doctors share the basic facts and knowledge that most people overlook or generally consider irrelevant and try to explain the various factors of health in a simple and easy to understand language. Every single article here at BeingTheDoctor is written by Doctors for the benefit of the public.

In addition to these articles, we offer services like, “Ask a Doctor” where anyone can ask health related questions to real doctors and get replies as mails. 

Learning about diseases is the best way to keep them away and you can do that easily using the descriptions in the category labelled as “Diseases“.

BeingTheDoctor was founded in early 2013 by Dr. Prasoon, who is currently working as the Medical Officer in charge of a Health Centre in Kerala, India.

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Hello guys,

I am Dr. Prasoon, the founder and creator of BeingTheDoctor. Writing has always been my passion since school days and through BeingTheDoctor, I have found a new way of rediscovering my passion. I completed my schooling from one of the best Kendriya Vidyalayas in Kerala in 2003. By 2009, I graduated from the prestigious Calicut Medical College and I am currently working as an Assistant Surgeon in one of the Health Centres under the Department of Health, Government of Kerala.

My five years of experience of working as “the doctor” has inspired me to create this blog. I consult an average of 100 patients everyday and I have learned that there are many misconceptions among the common man regarding numerous factors of health. Through BeingTheDoctor, I am trying to clear some of these misconceptions and help the common man understand the scientific basis of all healthy practices. You can read my clinical experiences using the category labelled as “Prescriptions.” Teenagers who are looking for career advice can also use these articles for career guidance tips.


A healthy community is what we aim for, here at BeingTheDoctor.

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