Consultation by eMail


Doctor’s consultation via eMail


Ever wished to chat with a real doctor and get your health issues solved? Here’s your chance to consult a doctor via eMail for one month.

Get your replies within 12 hours max!

Get a prescription for medicines

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Get your health related issues solved within 2 hours by real doctors. This service is valid for a period of one month or four email consultations (whichever is less). The questions will be answered within the stipulated time or else your money will be refunded!

Do note that while sending in your questions, include the following details:


  • Symptoms
  • When they started
  • Your current health status
  • Medicines that you’re taking
  • Relevant past medical or surgical history
  • Investigation reports (recent)


You’ll get a prescription, duly signed in PDF format that can be downloaded and printed if needed.


This consultation service is not meant to be an alternate to any kind of medical or surgical emergencies. The person who are experiencing such difficulties are advised to attend their nearby hospital as soon as possible.


Read our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Dr Prasoon

Dr Prasoon

Author at BeingTheDoctor
Dr Prasoon, founder of BeingTheDoctor is a qualified medical practitioner who finds time to write articles on "health" and his "clinical experiences". He is currently engaged in providing primary health care services in rural India. Learn more in the "about" page.
Dr Prasoon
Consultation by eMail


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