Health tips for Sabarimala pilgrims

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Yet another sabarimala festive season is on the horizon. Though all the news channels are focusing mainly on whether women under the age of 50 should be allowed to enter the temple or not, this article is not at all going into that. Here, I’ll be summarizing a few health tips that can make your … Read moreHealth tips for Sabarimala pilgrims

Behind the Scenes of PPI, Pulse Polio Immunization Programme – Part 1

Being the Medical Officer at a primary health centre (PHC) implementation of national level health programmes is not just a part of my job, it is something much more than that. In this article, I’d like to give you my perspective of such a national programme, the very famous pulse polio immunization. If you’re keen … Read moreBehind the Scenes of PPI, Pulse Polio Immunization Programme – Part 1

Career Options for Doctors in India

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One of the main reasons why many people want to become a doctor is the availability of a variety of options to work and practice as a Doctor. These career options are available to all doctors irrespective of their speciality, post graduation degrees. It doesn’t matter even if you are “not a specialist” doctor. There … Read moreCareer Options for Doctors in India

99 DOTS, TB Control in India takes new road

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Tuberculosis (TB) affects approximately 2 million persons in India and out of them, 2.2 lakh dies annually! The Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) has been in place since 1997 and yet, the efficacy of the directly observed treatment short-course (DOTS) doesn’t seem to be proving any good. The only question there being, whether the … Read more99 DOTS, TB Control in India takes new road

National De-Worming Day in India, February 8, 2018

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    Is your child finding it difficult to grasp lessons at school? Do you think your child has a poor memory, poor concentration and laziness? Well, consider this – your loved ones might be infected with intestinal worms which result in anaemia, malnutrition and drastically affecting their mental and physical development, health, education and … Read moreNational De-Worming Day in India, February 8, 2018

Healthcare in India

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Where do you think India stand globally in the healthcare sector? I had no clue until I stumbled upon this page in the World Health Organization (WHO) website. India is ranked 112th  in the world out of 191. I will try to explain why we are in that position even after 67 years of Independence. Lets take a look at the various choices an Indian citizen has regarding health services in the country.

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The Time taken for a Doctor Consultation

If you had an ailment and is seeking a doctor’s consultation to get yourself back to good health, how much time would you like the doctor to take? That is from the moment you enter the doctor’s cabin to the time you walk away from him? That depends, isn’t it? Because, if you’re consulting a … Read moreThe Time taken for a Doctor Consultation