The Deadly Dengue Fever & How to stay clear from it

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Dengue is a common term one can hear in India particularly with the onset of the monsoon. This year also the number of persons diagnosed with Dengue Fever has increased dramatically compared to the last year especially in states like Punjab Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Dengue Fever is emerging as a major public health issue … Read moreThe Deadly Dengue Fever & How to stay clear from it

Proper Prevention of Tetanus

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Injured persons are an integral part of every Out Patient Department (OPD) in a hospital. At our hospital we get around 5 to 10 injury cases every day. And there is only one thing common in all these cases… all of them want Injection TT (Tetanus Toxoid). If it is a child who gets injured, the parents drag them to the hospital just to prick them with the syringe loaded with the magical ‘TT’. I am talking about the people in my area who resist the idea of immunization of small kids. They blatantly refuse to give the small babies injections, but they want everybody to get the ‘TT’ which they consider as a medicine for wound healing, and not as a vaccine. According to these demanding patients, one dose of TT is effective only for 6 months. I have no idea where they get such ideas from and so in this post I will be dealing with the Prevention of Tetanus and some of the important misconceptions regarding the Tetanus Immunization.

Before you go into the details of Tetanus, you might want to take a look at the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP).

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All about Malaria, symptoms, prevention & treatment

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Last week, all the news channels in Kerala were enthusiastically reporting the detection of five “cerebral malaria” cases in Kozhikode district. All the cases were surprisingly detected in a single house! The newly elected health minister, director of health service department, health secretary and other healthcare workers were concerned. That’s because malaria is a serious … Read moreAll about Malaria, symptoms, prevention & treatment

Blood Tests in Diabetes – Methods & Results

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Is there an easy way to know whether you are Diabetic? Most of us are aware of the fact that Diabetes can be detected by simple blood tests. But, which tests to do? Which test is the most accurate and affordable one? Is Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG) always a mandatory test? What are the ideal conditions to be satisfied before performing these tests? These are some of the usual questions that we Doctors face at the hospital. If you think you are Diabetic or want to make sure that you are not a Diabetes patient, you should know the basics about the blood tests or exams. This is very important because Diabetes is usually an asymptomatic disease to start with and blood tests are the only way to detect Diabetes at an early stage. If you want to know the various blood test options for detecting Diabetes and want to do it the proper way, you have reached the right page. 

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What is Diabetes?

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Diabetes, also called as Diabetes Mellitus is a non communicable disease which is now being considered as a group of diseases rather than a single disease entity. There is a normal range of blood glucose or sugar in our body. Diabetes is characterised by a sustained state of increased glucose level in the body. The main cause of Diabetes is the defects in action or production of a hormone called Insulin. Insulin is normally produced by the “beta” cells of pancreas. Insulin is the key hormone that controls glucose metabolism in our body. Diabetes is a long term condition which affects multiple organs like Heart, Kidneys, Neurological system, and Eyes.

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How, Why, Where, When & What of Blood Pressure Testing

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Before we answer these questions, it would be a good idea to understand what blood pressure is. Blood pressure is the force with which blood pushes on the sides of your arteries as they are pumped around in your body. It doesn’t mean that blood carried in your veins do not exert any pressure on … Read moreHow, Why, Where, When & What of Blood Pressure Testing

Why you should support the Pulse Polio Immunization Programme

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The last case of polio in India was reported in 2011 in Howrah district of West Bengal. Thereafter no polio case has been reported in our country. On 27th March, 2014, India was declared as a “non-endemic” country for polio. In simple words, India was declared polio free in 2014. It was a historic day … Read moreWhy you should support the Pulse Polio Immunization Programme