Why Become a Doctor? Happy Doctor’s Day!

Happy Doctors Day

Today, the first day of July is celebrated as the “National Doctors’ Day” in India. So, let me take this opportunity to wish all the Doctors a very happy Doctors’ Day. Why not write something about “Being a Doctor” , I thought and there would be no better day to do that. Many articles on this topic have already made their journeys around the social medias. Why become a doctor? is a million dollar question to start with. But, I will try to explain how it feels to be a doctor. If you are looking for a good career advice, hang on and continue reading. 

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NSAID, Morphine and other painkillers

morphine, painkiller, analgesics

Pain is an unpleasant subjective sensation, caused due to a potential or real tissue injury. It is very commonly seen in patients who are suffering from intractable and incurable illness like cancer. Though, many painkillers are available in the market right now, most people are unaware about the different categories of these analgesic medicines and … Read moreNSAID, Morphine and other painkillers

Behind the Scenes of PPI, Pulse Polio Immunization Programme – Part 2

This article is the second part of a series where the work behind a national level healthcare programme is being elaborated. You can find the first part of this series by visiting this page. So, let’s continue from where we left off, the arrangement for the PPI day. The Eve It wouldn’t be an over-statement … Read moreBehind the Scenes of PPI, Pulse Polio Immunization Programme – Part 2

Career Options for Doctors in India

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One of the main reasons why many people want to become a doctor is the availability of a variety of options to work and practice as a Doctor. These career options are available to all doctors irrespective of their speciality, post graduation degrees. It doesn’t matter even if you are “not a specialist” doctor. There … Read moreCareer Options for Doctors in India

Handling Government Fund as the Medical Officer

Every government owned and run hospital in India gets funds in various routes. It could be the income from out-patient department, funds from Government through National Health Mission, donations and sponsorships and the list goes on. Even a small primary health centre (PHC) will have to deal with 10 to 20 lakhs! and do you … Read moreHandling Government Fund as the Medical Officer