Vaccine Cold Chain and VVM, ensuring the potency of vaccines

vaccine carrier cold chain

Responsible parens take their children to the nearest hospital for vaccination. Vaccines are readily available there. The only thing that bothers the parents is about the injections being painful and the possibility of developing fever after taking the shot. Has anyone of you thought about the potency and effectiveness of the vaccines that are available … Read moreVaccine Cold Chain and VVM, ensuring the potency of vaccines

Why Some Parents Hate Vaccination?

polio paralysis man
 It was around 11:00 in the morning and I was walking with our team of health workers. The Sun was not kind enough that day and still we had to go to this house which was not accessible by road. I love walking, but not at the middle of the day when the blazing heat becomes unbearable. Sherin, one of our most active Junior Public Health Nurse ( J P H N ) was talking about the grandmother of the 3 children living in the house we were about to visit. According to her, the grandmother was an illiterate and highly religious lady with whom one may find it impossible to win a verbal fighting. I was waiting eagerly to meet the old lady so that I can talk to her and make her understand the importance of Vaccination. After about a 10 minute sweaty walk, when we reached the house, we were greeted by an elderly man who seemed to recognise me as the “Doctor”.  He greeted us into the house and offered us a welcome drink, which I finished off in one long sip. After we were all settled, Sherin told the old man that the purpose of our visit was to vaccinate his young grandchildren. There was a minute of silence in the living room before which the old man cleared his throat and simply said, “we are not interested” !