Why Become a Doctor? Happy Doctor’s Day!

Happy Doctors Day

Today, the first day of July is celebrated as the “National Doctors’ Day” in India. So, let me take this opportunity to wish all the Doctors a very happy Doctors’ Day. Why not write something about “Being a Doctor” , I thought and there would be no better day to do that. Many articles on this topic have already made their journeys around the social medias. Why become a doctor? is a million dollar question to start with. But, I will try to explain how it feels to be a doctor. If you are looking for a good career advice, hang on and continue reading. 

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Career Options for Doctors in India

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One of the main reasons why many people want to become a doctor is the availability of a variety of options to work and practice as a Doctor. These career options are available to all doctors irrespective of their speciality, post graduation degrees. It doesn’t matter even if you are “not a specialist” doctor. There … Read moreCareer Options for Doctors in India

Night Duty Duel with an Alcohol Withdrawal Patient

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Funny things can happen in the night at hospitals which the duty doctor has to attend. I was the doctor on duty that night when the patient suffering from “acute alcohol withdrawals” was causing all kinds of trouble one could possibly imagine. The story goes this way : When the phone rang, I woke up … Read moreNight Duty Duel with an Alcohol Withdrawal Patient

The Time taken for a Doctor Consultation

If you had an ailment and is seeking a doctor’s consultation to get yourself back to good health, how much time would you like the doctor to take? That is from the moment you enter the doctor’s cabin to the time you walk away from him? That depends, isn’t it? Because, if you’re consulting a … Read moreThe Time taken for a Doctor Consultation

Doctor Manhandled because of an Injection

A doctor was humiliated by the by-standers of a patient because they believed that the injection prescribed by the doctor was the reason for the patient’s body weakness! This article is the first one of it’s kind at BeingTheDoctor where incidents of cruelties against doctors in India are highlighted. Such incidents have been on the … Read moreDoctor Manhandled because of an Injection

Duties of a Government hospital Doctor

If you are a Doctor and a new entrant to the public health service, I must congratulate you first of all for making this decision. As a part of the primary health care system in the country every doctor has been entrusted with many responsibilities, and you are no exception!. In this post I will be making you familiar with those duties and responsibilities. If you are not a Doctor, or a health worker, don’t go away. This post doesn’t contain any unbreakable medical terminologies and can be easily grasped by lay man. Try to make yourselves aware of the functioning of a public hospital.

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