Healthcare in India

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Where do you think India stand globally in the healthcare sector? I had no clue until I stumbled upon this page in the World Health Organization (WHO) website. India is ranked 112th  in the world out of 191. I will try to explain why we are in that position even after 67 years of Independence. Lets take a look at the various choices an Indian citizen has regarding health services in the country.

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Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) Control Programme

Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) are climbing the rank list and will shortly become the leading cause of death in humans. India is also experiencing such a transition with the rising number of NCD. According to a WHO report, cardiovascular diseases will be the leading cause of death in India by 2020. But, you don’t have … Read moreNon Communicable Diseases (NCD) Control Programme

A Hospital Story – The Fish Hook Incident

fish hook
It was a normal day at the hospital. Patients were waiting in the lobby eagerly looking at the red coloured numbers brightly displayed on a small screen. The small speakers close to the LED screen had just announced the current “Token Number” as “88”. It was almost 12:20 pm and I was in a hurry to finish off the Out Patient Department (OPD) before 1:00 pm which I knew very well that it was not going to happen. I had just handed over the prescription to the old lady who had come to check her blood pressure when suddenly I heard an unusually loud cry from the parking area. I knew something bad had happened to someone and that I would be meeting the crying person within a few seconds. My heart rate had jumped from 80 to 100.

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One day at the OPD

A lady walks in carrying a baby boy, her face hidden under the ‘burkah’ . She was holding the hand of a four year-old girl with her other hand and that little girl had a small paper toy clutched firmly in her hands. Another boy, not older than 10 years was standing at the door, wondering whether or not to enter the room.

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Visit Government Hospitals & Save Money on Health Expenses?

When we get a product or any service done at a very low cost, nine out of ten times we think the quality of the product or service is low. Isn’t it so? Things are the same when it comes to healthcare system as most of the population believe that medicines and services provided at … Read moreVisit Government Hospitals & Save Money on Health Expenses?

The Free Immunization (Vaccination) Programme in India

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Vaccines are by all means one of the most important achievements of Public health care in the whole planet. Immunization is the process of fortifying an individual’s immune system against an immunogen (antigen/agent causing the disease).
UPDATE : As newer vaccines are being introduced in India, this post will be updated regularly. So, I’d recommend you to bookmark this page for easier access the next time you’re looking for the vaccination schedule.  Last Updated – July, 2016
The Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) was launched initially in 1985 and is one of the world’s largest Immunisation Programmes taking into consideration the huge target population and the mere number of immunisation sessions that are being conducted every day all over the country.

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