My Orbitrek Elite workout routine and tricks

orbitrek elite

When you think about an elliptical workout machine or a cross-trainer aerobic exercise equipment, Orbitrek Elite is the word that comes naturally to your minds. Thanks to the popular telebrands TV program! Orbitrek Elite is an elliptical aerobic exercise machine vouched by millions all over the world. It works on multiple muscle groups of your … Read moreMy Orbitrek Elite workout routine and tricks

Sedentary Life Style and Diseases

sedentary life style disease

It doesn’t matter if you eat healthy food, drink good and clean water, and live a hygienic life. The infectious diseases in this world may find hard to find you and attack you, but what about the other group of diseases? I am talking about the “Non Communicable Diseases” which are becoming the major killer diseases, in both developed and developing countries alike. Examples of these diseases include High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Diabetes, Coronary Heart Diseases and even some cancers. Unlike a common cold or a flu, these diseases doesn’t spread from one person to another and that is the reason why they are called as the “Non Communicable” diseases. There are many ways in which one can become a prey of these diseases and Sedentary life style is one of the most important and easiest way.

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