The use of nebulisers at home is on the rise and more people are looking to buy one for themselves. That is simply because of the ease with which one can use a nebulizer safely at home, practically removing the need to visit the nearby hospital for nebulisation every single time!

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This article is a straight-forward review of the very much reliable, Omron’s NE-C28 compressor nebulizer. By the end of this article, we’ll tell you whether this product from Omron is worth buying or not.

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Features of Omron NE-C28 Nebulizer

  1. Virtual Valve Technology (VVT) is a unique feature of the Omron nebulisers that makes the delivery of medicines more effective when compared to the conventional nebulisers (which uses silicon valves). There is no need to remove the mouthpiece during exhalation.
  2. Suitable for both adult and paediatric use as both types of masks fits the nebulizer.
  3. Five piece filter system with a 7ml cup that delivers finest 5 micron aerosols
  4. Lowest possible residual medicine in the cup after nebulisation (0.7ml)
  5. Nebulisation rate of 0.4 milli litres per minute
  6. Nebulizer kit is autoclavable (Autoclave is a pressure cooker type equipment that uses the power of steam to sterilise hospital instruments by killing germs, spores and bacterias)
  7. One year manufacturer warranty

omron nebulizer


  1. Powerful compressor nebulizer which consumes only 138 VA
  2. Comes with a carry bag
  3. Long 1.5 metre power cable makes it easy to plug in.
  4. Low noise level
  5. All masks and tubings fits perfectly on this nebulizer
  6. Virtual valve technology is child-safe and also makes it easy to clean
  7. Can be carried around in the carry bag provided which has separate area for the accessories


  1. More expensive when compared to the newer Indian models like Nulife, BESTEST, Dr Trust etc
  2. Heavy and bulky when compared to others like Nulife. Because of it’s more flatter nature, the Omron compressor definitely cannot be called a compact one when compared to the latter.
  3. It cannot be operated on batteries
  4. Extra masks and tubings are not included


The Omron NE-C28 is a basic, yet expensive compressor nebulizer that does it job very reliably. It’s sturdy and built to last for years and the virtual valve technology makes it a more effective nebulizer machine.We are using the Omron NE-C28 for nebulizing our palliative care requiring patients because it’s more or less comparable to a clinical nebulizer. So, if you want the reliability that comes with the name of a huge brand like Omron and the durability of a powerful compressor, go ahead with the NE-C28 nebulizer.

If the high price is a concern for you, then do checkout the Nulife compressor nebulizer which has already been reviewed at BeingTheDoctor.

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Omron NE-C28 Compressor Nebulizer Review
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