5 Easy Steps to Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation | Can Cell Phone Radiations Cause Cancer-Video

5 Easy Steps to Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation | Can Cell Phone Radiations Cause Cancer-Video

Hey, what’s up? doctor prasoon here. I get this question very often from my patients – “Is mobile phone radiation harmful? well, mobile phone radiation and overuse of mobile phones cause brain cancer? “

If you are really worried about mobile phone radiations, there are certain things that you can do. You will get all the answers in this video. This is Dofody – the best online doctor consultation platform in India! So, let’s get started.
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Coming back to our topic, though many studies have been conducted all over the world none of the studies have been able to convincingly prove that mobile phone radiations are actually harmful to human beings.
All mobile phones are actually radio transmitters. They transmit radio frequencies but they are actually not powerful enough to cause any kind of damage in human beings. These radiations are not even as powerful as the microwave radiations which are being used in the microwave ovens in our kitchens and these are not anywhere close to the ionizing radiations which are dangerous and which are present in the sunlight. But, that doesn’t mean that you should be using your mobile phones very frequently and very close to your body.
Researchers and scientists are continuously doing studies to prove the harmful effects of mobile phone radiations and what if a study comes up in the near future which clearly proves that mobile phone radiations does indeed affect human beings. Because of that reason, it is always better to keep the mobile phone used to a minimum to protect yourself and your body from those mobile phone radiations. However minimal impact they do currently have in our body right now.
So, there are five things that you can do to keep the mobile phone radiations to a minimum.
#1 Turn off Wi-Fi Bluetooth mobile data and personal hotspot in your mobile phones.
When it is not needed.
#2 Use a wired or a wireless Bluetooth headset or an earphone for making and receiving phone calls.
If you do not have an earphone with you the best thing to do is to keep the phone at least five centimeters away from your ears when making calls. You can also make use of the loudspeaker facilities which is available in all the smartphones these days.
#3 Instead of wearing your smartphones in your body by putting it in your pockets try to hold it in your hands or keep it in your office table whenever possible. I never carry my mobile phone and on my shirt pocket and I will recommend you to do the same.
mobile phone
#4 We now use our smartphones as our alarms to wake up in the morning. So instead of keeping the mobile phone in your bed or near your pillow or underneath your pillow, keep it on your bedside table and not on your bed! and if you want to keep it on your bed make sure that the airplane mode is ‘ON’.
mobile phone on bed
#5 Make sure that the location services in your phone is turned ‘ON’ only for those apps when those apps are open. Go to the privacy settings in your phone and switch off all the unwanted communications which is happening even when your phone is in the idle mode. Turn off the analytics and turn off all the automatic feedbacks which is going to Google and Apple.
Now, these five points will make sure that you are staying away from mobile phone radiations. This will also help you to keep your mobile phone’s battery to last a little longer.
Bonus tip – if you want to find out the ” Specific Absorption Rate ” or the SAR value of your smartphone you just have to dial *#07# on the number pad in your phone app. In India, the maximum SAR value that has been decided is 1.6 watts per kilogram.
If you are still concerned about the mobile phone radiations, I will recommend you to take an umbrella with you whenever you’re going out in the Sun !! cover your body with full sleeve clothes, use Sunscreens and enjoy your life instead of being worried about the mobile phone radiations!
So, that’s it for this video. I hope you like this one. if you have any doubts, Dofody doctors are always available to help you out anytime! Please download the app by clicking on the link given below the like button, and please share this video with your friends and family if you really liked it. so until I see you in the next one, it’s me doctor Prasoon take care stay healthy and thank you so much for watching.
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