5 Tips to Protect Yourself at Office | Work Without The Fear of Coronavirus in Your Office

5 Tips to Protect Yourself at Office | Work Without The Fear of Coronavirus in Your Office

Hi guys, I’m Dr. Prasoon! We spend 16 hours of our day in our home. Rest, 8 hours we spend at our office. You have to be careful at home only if there’s someone in your home who is under quarantine. But, that’s not the case in your office. Different persons from different places get together in your office.

So, what are the steps that you should take to prevent catching COVID in your office? That’s coming up in this video, Welcome back to Dofody, let’s get started.

This is a Malayalam video on the same topic.

The first point is that you should wash your hands with soap and water after reaching your office. This is easily said than done because most of us often reach late and rush to our office in the morning. We might be using our own vehicle or may depend on public transport to reach the office. Whichever way you reach your office, you Must wash your hands with soap and water after reaching office. Only after doing this, should you be going to your office table.

The second point is related to the best practices while having food at your workplace! It has been found that the maximum spread of COVID from one person to another in your office happens when you eat food at your workplace. No specific studies have been conducted, but still when doctors take the history of persons who become positive or when such persons are traced, stories of eating together often emerge and that too at the office.

So, why is there a high risk of COVID spread when eating? Because you can’t eat wearing a face mask! More than 2 persons sitting close to each other in one table while eating is risky! Eating in groups should be avoided. It’ll be better to allow just one person to eat while the other person waits while wearing a face mask. If there is sufficient room in your office, make sure that you are sitting at least 2 or 3 meters apart while eating, and don’t share your food! This is not just about your afternoon lunch!

This is applicable for your morning tea break and even your office evening snack time! When you are drinking tea, move to a separate area, and then have your tea. Make sure that there is no one near you before having your tea. At tea time, if you are chatting, make sure that everyone is wearing a face mask. Remember to maintain social distancing inside your office too.

The third point is regarding face masks. Which type of mask to wear? How long to wear a single mask? I have already made several videos on these topics. You can find a Youtube playlist on face masks. If you haven’t watched those videos yet, please watch them first. A gross mistake most office persons do is that they lower their masks when they see a person to whom they are going to talk!

Lowering your mask to your chin or neck is not at all a good practice. Some persons even forget to wear a mask. That should never happen in your office. When you suddenly cough or sneeze while working, don’t remove your face mask! The main purpose of the face mask you are wearing is to prevent the small droplets to spread into the air when you cough or sneeze.

So, always keep the face mask on your face, covering your nose and mouth all time when you are at the office. Always keep that in mind. You should always carry an extra face mask with you. If your current face mask gets soiled, dispose of it. Don’t touch the outer side of the mask while wearing it.

You will have to remove it before having food. At that time, instead of folding it and keeping it in your pocket, it’s better to keep it on a table. Make sure that no one else gets it and after having your food, you can use the same mask. If you’ve accidentally touched the outside of the mask, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water.

The fourth point is regarding disinfection. Most of the things that we use in our office are shared items, and they might be touched or used by the person sitting next to you! That is why you should definitely disinfect the surfaces and items that you often touch. I’ve already talked about disinfection in an earlier video. You can easily prepare a bleaching solution. To learn how to prepare such a bleach solution, click on the I button for the link to that video.

Now I’ll tell you what all things should be disinfected in your officeYour computer keyboard, mouse, your chair, chairs in the common area, waiting area, your pen, your mobile phone, Your office land phone, it’s receiver, Your office bathroom doors, handles, pipes, handles, the photocopy machine that you use daily, handles of stairways, Educate and instruct the cleaning staff in your office make sure that they clearly understand the importance of cleaning these areas. Keep a hand sanitizer bottle always on your office table.

The fifth point is regarding the small tweaks and changes that you should bring about in your office. Ensure that your office room is properly ventilated. Keep all the doors and windows open. Switch off the air conditioners. Be aware of what your hands are doing when walking or going to your office common area, cafeteria, your eating place, etc. Don’t overcrowd in such common areas. Coming together to one another and chit chatting is a common sight at many offices and that should be avoided at all costs. Ensure social distancing in such common areas.

Finally here’s a bonus tip! If you are feeling sick or have a fever, cough, or cold when working at your office, or if you have a sore throat, breathing difficulty, or any other symptoms of COVID, or if your house is in a containment zone, if you are commuting to office from such a place, reveal that information to your office boss, or manager.

That’s it for today’s video. If you take these simple steps in your office, you can stay away from COVID. If you have any questions, use the comment box below the like button. I’ll see you in the next video, I’m Doctor Prasoon, Take care, Stay Healthy, and Thank you so much for watching, Bye!

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