9 Health Tips for Persons Who Work From Home | let’s Control COVID-19 | Video

9 Health Tips for Persons Who Work From Home | let’s Control COVID-19 | Video


Hello guys, Covid-19 has forced more number of people to work from home and this has never happened ever before. This is also very important because it ensures social distancing which is of atmost importance when it comes to preventing and controlling covid-19, but when you are working from home you should be taking care of your health. Because most people tend to ignore it or overlook your health when you are working from home, and that is why in this video I am going to tell you nine tips which will ensure your good health when you are working from home. This is dofody and I am doctor Prasoon, so let’s get started.
#1 Choose a well-ventilated room and preferably this room should not be your bedroom. Set up the right ambiance and environment which will make sure that you consider your workplace different from your bedroom or your leisure place.
#2 Schedule your time in such a way that your home activities are not getting overlapped with your work. Set a timetable separate for your work and separate for your home activities. When you are working from home, time is to your advantage and make the most use of it. When you are planning and preparing your timetable. Track the time that you are working and don’t let working hours overlap into your personal life. Don’t work extra time and late into the night. Try to avoid working on the weekends and make sure that your internet and telephone bills are not pending and they are paid up in full.
#3 If you are sharing your desktop, your laptop, your computer table, with someone else who is having fever, cough or cold, make sure that you disinfect your computer table the keyboard the mouse everything using a sanitizer solution soaked in a piece of cotton or a cotton cloth.
#4 Take an adequate number of breaks. Take breaks at least once in every hour. If you keep on sitting and doing your work, it will not be good for your posture, it will not be good for your overall health. You can either make use of alarms in your phone or timers in your phone or a better way is to keep a glass full of water on your working cable and sip water from it frequently when you’re working.
When that glass is empty stand up, go to the kitchen, refill that glass of water and come back. By doing this, you will also make sure that you’re drinking adequate amount of water every day and that you are getting adequate number of breaks also. This is also important to prevent you from a sedentary lifestyle, which is associated with many number of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even heart diseases.
#5 Invest in a good economic chair. You can buy it from a good furniture shop or you can even order it online. Make your own working area with a proper ergonomic chair and a table, and make sure that you are sitting straight on it. Do not work while sitting on your couch or sofas and never work while lying down on your bed. If you’re working while lying down in a crouched position, it will be affecting your spine, it will be affecting your poster also. Another option is to ditch the idea of a chair, instead buy a standing desk.
This is what most of the youngsters are doing in office these days. Standing desk ensures a proper spine posture. It has also been found that using standing desks decreases the chances of your mortality and decreases the chances of spinal disorders that could affect you in the future.
#6 When you are working from home it is very easy to ignore your personal hygiene and health. So, every morning before you start working at home, make sure that you have a proper shower, a good bath and dress up properly as if you are going to a walk. This will boost your productivity also, and considering the present circumstances it will be better and wiser if you can wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds every time you take a break. encourage your family members and even children in your home to do the same.
#7 When you are working from home schedule the time in such a way that you can squeeze in at least one hour of workout time also. Make use of the flexible timetable that you are preparing, and by including workouts and exercises, you can improve your health, Also try to schedule at least one hour of work out or at least 30 minutes of workout every day, and try to stick on to that schedule.
Just like you shedule meetings when you are working from home, similarly scheduled meeting with your gym friends, your workout partner,s and make sure that you are working out and doing the proper workouts every day. If you are starting out and if you are finding it difficult to get started with workouts and exercises, I already made this video. You should watch this video also. Because it will motivate you to get started with your workouts.
#8 Stock up your kitchen with only healthy foods. Avoid junk foods, avoid all the food items that comes in packets, avoid chips, biscuits, and all the bakery items. Instead, you can stock up your kitchen cabinet with fruits, dry fruits, nuts, and even vegetables. When you’re tempted took snacks, go to your kitchen and have these snacks instead of munching on chips and fries.
#9 If you have cold or fever or any other symptoms, if you are not well, don’t think that you will be able to work from home simply because you don’t have to travel to your office. Ask for a leave and take good bed rest. Don’t try to work on that day, drink more fluids, consult your doctor online using Dofody. Take the medicines and let the flu or the infection pass before you start working again.
If you have any Covid-19 related doubts and questions, you can ask them to doctors using the Dofody App. If you are under home quarantine, you will be able to ask these questions to Dofody doctors free of cost, and for other questions you can contact me on WhatsApp. The number is 8100771199. So, that’s it for this video.
I hope you really like this one. Please consider sharing this video with all the friends who are working from home. If you haven’t subscribed to our channel yet, please consider subscribing. I will talk to you guys in the next one. It is me Doctor Prasoon signing off. Take care stay healthy and thank you so much for watching.

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