Apps for medical professionals including doctors

Apps for medical professionals including doctors

Doctors all over the world use smartphones and without apps, it’s not becoming a real smartphone.         So here are 5 apps, that every doctor can use, and become smart!


#1  ASCVD Risk Estimator Plus.       ASVCD Risk estimator plus

The ASCVD Risk Estimator is a free app developed by the American College of Cardiology to help physicians counsel patients about cholesterol treatment, even though there are other calculator apps available. This app allows physicians to inform patients about their risk of heart disease and stroke over the next 10 years in their lifetime with and without treatment with statin . It also includes the applicable guidelines regarding dosage in intensity for the physician when initiating treatment.



#2  Anticoag Evaluator.  Anticoag evaluator

Anticoag Evaluator is a free app developed by the American college of Cardiology. This app allows physicians to counsel patients regarding their risk for stroke due to non-valvular Afib. Compared to the risk of developing a bleed on several approved anticoagulants. It allows you to compare their respective chads2 vasc scores and has blood scores so that you can more accurately counsel patients with numbers rather than just a feeling about the risks and benefits of therapy.



#3  Figure 1 – Medical Cases. FIgure 1, Fig 1

Figure 1 is a free educational app that is basically medicine meets crowd sourcing. Figure 1 helps you see rare medical conditions during your spare moments, follow interesting medical cases and quickly sharpen your medical knowledge. First upload in description and you’ll receive comments below. From ECG to radio-logic studies and surgical oddities to diagnostic mysteries Figure 1 allows medical professionals throughout the world to communicate. You can even pay your specialist for specific advise and comments.  Figure 1 is used to view thousands of real world teaching cases from doctors in hundreds of specialties. Communicate with one another from remote or isolated locations, share de-identified teaching cases with a global community. Send messages to healthcare professionals around the world for instant feedback’s and communicate with colleagues using secure, encrypted direct messaging. Figure 1 can connect to the best doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals around the world practicing in extreme trauma units, refugee camps and remote areas of the world. You must be a verified medical professional to participate and with Figure 1 you can comments from dozens of specialists in minutes.


#4  MD on Call  MD on Call

This app is a lifesaver for residents and physicians taking call in the hospital. It separates issues by specific symptom and test and then give specific follow up questions and differential diagnosis for the basic explanation of the work up and worst case scenarios for the physicians to ponder while running to see that patient. MD on Call is designed primarily for junior residents, interns and medical students.  In medical school, we learn a lot about diseases and the basis for their management. However, we are traditionally less exposed to apparently easy problems like pain, nausea or hypokalemia. Quite often,those issues are brought to the attention of the nursing staff. MD on Call gives you tips on how to quickly assess and manage common problems so you can go on assessing the next patient, or to your room to get some sleep. It is not meant to replace textbooks. Its  ₹690 on the app store, but its well worth the price when you are getting that frantic call in the middle of the night.



#5  Diagnosaurus DDx  Diagnosaurus, DDx

Diagnosaurus DDx is an ₹300 app that is an excellent tool to help expand your differential diagnosis as the name suggest. This quick-reference tool helps healthcare professionals perform differential diagnosis with speed and confidence at the point of care. Diagnosaurus can quickly search over 1000 diagnoses by organ  system, symptom, or disease, or you can be viewed in all entries. Perfect for medical students but also great for preceptors that attempt to expand the list of possibilities for residents to consider. Separated by symptoms and disease state, this app list possible ideologies and also common related symptoms and disorders to consider.


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