Baby Car Seat – 9 Things You Should Know.

Baby Car Seat – 9 Things You Should Know.

When you travel in a car along with your 5-year-old child, do you use a baby car seat? What are the benefits of a child seat? What things should you consider while buying the next child car seat? This is what I’m telling you in this article.

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The first benefit is that you can travel without fear. Nothing will happen to your baby when traveling in a car. Next time you see a speeding truck, you don’t have to be afraid! When your baby is traveling in a car, the feeling of safety is the first thing that I have to say.

The second point is that some infant car seats can be used as a carrier and some as a stroller. That means, if you are visiting a supermarket, you don’t have to take out your baby from the car seat and then use the stroller there. Instead, some types of car seats can be converted and used as a carrier and stroller depending on your needs.

The first few times, your baby will not adapt quickly and it usually takes time! When you buckle them up and use straps to secure them all of a sudden, they will not be able to move freely. But, over time, they’ll become used to it!.

Then, what happens is that they will get more comfort from the baby seat more than we can imagine! I have been using the baby car seat for my son since he was eight months. It was difficult in the first one-two months then it was easy!

He boarded the car seat easily and within one hour he dozes into good sleep while on the baby seat, they sleep easily, It’s difficult to carry them in your hands or lap, no more fear of pressing buttons or pulling gears and levers. No such difficulties for us. it’s comfortable for them, they will be able to sleep nicely and most importantly, it’s safe for them

The fourth point is regarding the types of car seats. Baby car seats come in three main types.

The first type is an infant car seat, Second is convertible baby car seat and third is Booster car seat.

Infant car seat

An infant car seat is generally for babies up to one-year or bodyweight up to 10 kilos.

Convertible car seat

Coming to convertible car seats, it can be used beyond one year. According to the baby’s weight, it can be used up to 3 or 4 years mostly till their weight reaches 20kilos. It depends on the company that manufactures the car seat, the maximum range keeps varying.

Booster car seat

The booster seat is for kids above the weight of 20 kilos or generally speaking 5 years, to six years.

The fifth point, under no circumstances, should the baby car seat be placed in the front car seat, that is the seat beside the driver, co-passenger, co-driver seat, it should not be placed there. Whatever type of baby seat it may be!

Next point is that, up to the age of two years, it is better to keep your baby seat as rear-facing. rear facing child seatInfant car seats should only be placed as rear-facing! The best thing to do is to keep the car seat as rear-facing till 3 years, that is to turn the baby’s head such that it faces the rear car window when the rest of us are facing front. But to keep babies over two years facing rear is really tough! So, maximum try to keep baby rear-facing at least till the age of 2 years.

Sixth point is about convertible car seats.

I purchased a convertible car seat, that can be used in infancy, and up to 3 to 4 years till the baby gains 20 kilos body weight.

That type of convertible car seat has three adjustable positions.

3 car seat position

The lever on the underside of the car seat can be pulled and we can adjust the three positions. In the first year, it has to be in stage one, then the second stage, and thereafter, depending on your baby’s position, suppose your baby is sleeping, we can adjust the position to make it more comfortable for them. That is why it’s called a convertible baby car seat.

Economically, convertible car seat is pocket friendly for us. It’s available on all online shops for 4000 to 5000 rupees.

I bought a brand called “R for Rabbit”. It’s a convertible baby car seat. I used the convertible car seat that I bought as rear-facing for my son until he was 2 years old. But, I had to make it front facing just before he turned 2!

The convertible car seat can be used in two ways. After 2 years, it can be used as front facing. It just needs to be adjusted accordingly. Convertible car seats cannot be used as a carrier or stroller, unlike in some infant seats.

Seventh point is about Booster seats. It’s usually for kids who weigh more than 20 kilos or who are above 4 years. Booster seat is recommended for them. Height of booster seat can be adjusted. The cushions that are used in booster seats are available for purchase separately. Booster seats can only be placed forward facing.

It usually comes with its own buckles and harness, or else, we can buy them use the car’s seat belt to secure them.

Eighth point, when you are going to buy a child car seat, you should keep one thing in mind. Every baby car seat comes with an expiration date. Don’t forget to look into the expiration date particularly if you are buying from online shops like Amazon and Flipkart. Check if it’s ISO compatible or not.

Read the product description and find out the build material. Always read the reviews too.

The R for Rabbit brand that I chose is a good one. Now my son is turning 3 and it’s been solid. I will share its link

Ninth point, the fabric or soft material used in some baby car seats can be washed and reused. If your baby makes it wet, we can remove it, clean it in washing machine dry it and attach it. So look out for such a feature while looking for your next baby car seat. It’s a very useful feature.

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