Leptospirosis – All you need to know!

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Leptospirosis or Weils disease is an animal infection caused by a group of bacteria called as “spirocheates”. Rodents and rats are the major reservoirs of the disease and human infections occurs when they come in contact with these infected animals. Human leptospirosis manifests in many forms are widely varied ranging from mild fever to severe … Read moreLeptospirosis – All you need to know!

Vitamin C – Functions, Sources, Deficiency and Treatment

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Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which is absolutely essential for the normal development and functioning of several parts of the human body. It is required in the formation of bones, muscles, blood vessels, and gums. The natural sources of Vitamin C includes citrus fruits and vegetables. In this article we will learn the functions … Read moreVitamin C – Functions, Sources, Deficiency and Treatment

Harmful effects of Cigarette Smoking

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Smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products has harmful effects on almost all parts of the human body. Those who inhale the smoke emitted from an active smoker, children living in the vicinity of a chronic smoker, are also at the risk of developing dangerous diseases due to the toxins present in cigarette smoke. It is … Read moreHarmful effects of Cigarette Smoking

Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) or Monkey Disease

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Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) or Monkey disease was creating regular headlines in all newspapers in the northern parts of Kerala, India very recently. If you are planning to visit these areas and want to learn more about the disease including the steps to prevent the potentially fatal disease, you should read this article. Kyasanur Forest … Read moreKyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) or Monkey Disease

Vitamin A – Sources, Deficiency and Prevention

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Vitamin A offers several benefits to humans like promoting good eye health, helping us to see in the dark, supporting the growth and remodelling of bones, fighting against infections etc.
One of the most important essential vitamins, Vitamin A or Retinol is a “fat soluble” vitamin. This article will deal with the functions and sources of Vitamin A, the conditions associated with its deficiency, and strategies to prevent and treat Vitamin A deficiency.

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Science of Salt Water Gargling

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“Gargle with warm salt water”

That is one of the most frequently used phrase that I use at the Out Patient Department. No wonder, you might have heard this already  from your doctor or your parents when you were suffering from a  sore throat or a nasty cold. If you have done it earlier, you know whether it has helped you ease your symptoms. Most of the kids and some adults hate to do this simply because of the salty taste. There are others who know that this simple home remedy will help them but they just don’t like to do it. Have you ever wondered how this simple remedy works? This article, even though it sounds simple is going to unwind the scientific basis of this well known home remedy and will teach you the proper way of doing it.

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