Climbing the mountain to “Salary”

Getting a Government job in Kerala is a big thing. The salary package and the very popular “Pension” schemes are the main components which attracts the civilians in Kerala towards a Government job. Getting the job is the first step, but what about getting the first salary?

I had promised you to share all the
documents and steps which were needed to get the salary. I mean you work to
earn, right? Back in the days when I used to work at the private medical
college, it was as simple as signing a simple voucher and the clerk would hand
over your month’s earnings in cheque/cash whichever form you desire.

It’s a
different story altogether here in the Government setup. I will say that  it’s easier to climb the Himalayas and come
back home, rather than doing all the things to be mentioned below.
ü >> RTC which stands for Report of Transfer of Charge is one such document. You can have a look at it here. You need minimum eight such copies duly filled in and attested by the Head of the institution.
ü >> Signature specimen card which is obtained from the Treasury, needs to filled in, attest it by a Gazetted officer.
ü >> Form to obtain the ‘SDO’ code : sounds like a password for the privileged right? Its actually the ‘self drawing officer’ code which identifies every Gazetted officer as the name denotes
ü >> Form to start a new Treasury Savings Bank account
ü >> And then comes the SPARK.. promptly named I reckon. All the Government servants in Kerala will be knowing about this ‘spark’ thing. Well it’s a web portal designed to maintain the records of all the employees and now even the salary bill is processed by Spark. It was
one of the feature which actually amazed me. There is not much to tell about SPARK, so I will leave it there.


Once you have all these documents with you, the next step is to send them in triplicate copies to the DMO, the DHS (Directorate of Health Services) and the AG (Accountants General) office. It will take about two weeks to four weeks to receive your ‘Pay-Slip’ from the office of the Accountants General (depending solely on your luck!). After entering the pay-slip details in the ‘SPARK’, we can process the first salary bill, take a print out and then take it to the Sub-Treasury or the Treasury depending on your place of work.
After submitting the bill at the Treasury, one has to wait till the officers there verify and pass the salary bill. This process can take upto three days and can be quickened if you have good acquintances there. If the bill has been passed, we have to visit the Treasury in person or hand over the Treasury Cheque to someone whom we can trust to withdraw the money from the Treasury Savings Bank account.
That’s how I got my first salary. If you have any doubts regarding this matter, feel free to ask me. I hope this post will help some new entrants to Health Service.
One thing is for sure, you will be a relieved and a happy man when you reach the summit of this hill 🙂


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