Drama at the District Office

It was a very
old building, the architecture of the building clearly stated that it was at least
50 years old. We were at the DMO Office, Kannur. Guess, what the name of the
place is? Its known as the “Caltex” .. cool huh? By the time we reached there a
battle had just been fought and the dust had settled down.

We had to
get the posting order from the DMO Office, before joining the respective
institution. We three reached the office by 11am (purposefully) and met the DMO
himself, the Deputy DMO and other clerical staff working there who were
addressing the newly recruited doctors.

A PSC interview for recruiting new
doctors was going on at the office and hence all the staff were busy with that
work. And hence the meeting was a brief one. We introduced ourselves, told the
officials about our issues. The officials tried their best to help us.
I could recognize
the hapless doctors from the southern part of the state. Their facial
expressions said it all, a flea bitten expression to be honest J. We were told that the posting order
had to be typed, printed and then signed by the DMO. So we thought we’ll get
the order before the lunch break. But they said it will be ready only by 4pm. So
we started to meet the other doctors and it was them who told us about the
dramatic events which we had unfortunately missed.
The doctors
from the capital city had reached the Office early morning by 8.30 am. Apparently,
it took about two hours for the office staff to notice a group of unhappy doctors. One of them was from a well known family having political contacts at
the State Government and he/she made a phone call. That phone call did work
out. I’m not going into the details, but just know this – the officials treated
us with honor and some fear was clearly evident on their faces.
 Many doctors were planning to take long leave
from the next day itself and try to get a transfer to the location of their
choice. Political influence can make a hell load of change if you are in
Government service. I’ll talk about it later. By 5pm we got our posting order
and I returned back to my home. Nisanth and Anoop went to Iritty where they
stayed that night. It was the next day that  I had to report at the hospital. +Nisanth was
upset because he was told that he had to take charge of the Hospital. At that
time I was thanking my gods that at least I had no charge to handle………
 My first day at the hospital is coming up in a few days…..TaTa
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