Science of Salt Water Gargling

salt water gargling eases cold

“Gargle with warm salt water”

That is one of the most frequently used phrase that I use at the Out Patient Department. No wonder, you might have heard this already  from your doctor or your parents when you were suffering from a  sore throat or a nasty cold. If you have done it earlier, you know whether it has helped you ease your symptoms. Most of the kids and some adults hate to do this simply because of the salty taste. There are others who know that this simple home remedy will help them but they just don’t like to do it. Have you ever wondered how this simple remedy works? This article, even though it sounds simple is going to unwind the scientific basis of this well known home remedy and will teach you the proper way of doing it.

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Well Water Chlorination

well water chlorination

Water Wells are the prime source of water in the rural areas of India. Every house in rural India has a well in their premises meeting all the water demands of its inhabitants. The very first thing that a common man will look for before constructing a house is the availability of a perennial source of  good quality   water table so that he can dig a well in his backyard.Well water is usually rich in minerals compared to the surface water sources and often water treatment is required before drinking it. There are houses where people drink the well water directly without even boiling it. But, is just boiling the water sufficient to disinfect it? Every well varies in its depth, volume and quality. Well water contamination  usually occurs from our own carelessness. But there are some easy methods of disinfecting and treating the water in the well making it potable and we will be learning  one of the best  methods in today’s article.

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Are You At Risk Of Heart Disease?

Heart disease

I have used the word, “Cardiovascular diseases” several times in my previous posts. Some of you might already know what it means, but I am sure, the vast majority would be unaware of that term. Cardiovascular relates to the heart and blood vessels. Cardiovascular diseases is actually a group of diseases affecting the heart and the blood vessels. Heart diseases due to defective blood circulation to the heart comprises the most important disease in this group. The blood circulation to the heart is mainly from the Coronary blood vessels.

Impairment of heart function due to inadequate blood flow to the heart caused by obstruction in the coronary blood vessels is called Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). In this article we will be focussing on the causes or risk factors of Coronary Heart Disease.

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Stress is Good !

stress is good

Stress is one word which comes across the life of every single living being in this world. It is an inevitable part of life. How many times have you heard the health advice of “avoid stress, it’s killing you”? Stress was apparently holding a very bad reputation as one of the major risk factors of heart diseases, depression and many other diseases. But, new researches have shown that Stress can be good. What really matters is how we interpret the stress response. There is no way you can avoid or reduce stress, but what you can actually do is embrace it.

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Waste Disposal System in India

waste heap

Heaps of waste are not uncommon in India. One can easily feel the stench from the waste heap before seeing it. These heaps are gaining height and so are the number of diseases. Every house produces garbage, rubbish and other kinds of waste that needs to be disposed off properly. It is easier to throw the waste around your house and hope that it will vanish by some magic. But is that the right thing to do? Are we doing justice to our society by throwing away waste that we produce? This article is going to be a must read for those persons who are unaware of their waste disposal duties. You should read this article even if you think that you know how to dispose waste properly

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Salt Restriction Reduces High Blood Pressure

no more table salt

Almost all the patients suffering from high blood pressure (Hypertension) knows the fact that reducing dietary sodium (salt) is good for them. They know that salt restriction can help in reducing high blood pressure. This is true in 95% of patients whom I meet at the Out Patient Department. The thing which they are unaware of is that Hypertension is one of the major risk factors of Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) which is fast becoming the major class of killer diseases in the world. Thus, by simply reducing the intake of salt, one can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. This article is to emphasis the role of salt reduction for normal as well as hypertensives in order to prevent cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and strokes from happening.

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