Drama at the District Office

It was a very
old building, the architecture of the building clearly stated that it was at least
50 years old. We were at the DMO Office, Kannur. Guess, what the name of the
place is? Its known as the “Caltex” .. cool huh? By the time we reached there a
battle had just been fought and the dust had settled down.

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The Counselling Day Fortune

I had a pdf file containing the list of all the Government hospitals in Kerala with me. Nisanth had a map of Kerala with him. Anoop had managed to get a list of PHCs in Kannur district, from the DMO Office. Because we knew that it was practically impossible to get posted in our home district, Kozhikode. I had taken my ‘playbook’ tablet with me. We were in the ‘Janshathabdi’ express bound to Trivandrum, that too two days prior to the day of counseling. The other passengers were all glaring at the three of us while we were busy making notes, firing funny stuff about the ridiculously named places.

The hospitals as usual are named after the place where they are located. We looked up the name of the places which we were not sure of and then checked on the map as to whether they were accessible by train/road. It was kind of funny memorizing the names of places. After making a list of almost three districts around Kozhikode, we decided to leave the rest to our luck.

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The Big Bang

They say life started with the ‘Big Bang’. When the postman delivered that letter at my home a few months back, I didn’t realize that my life was going to change drastically. The letter was from the Public Service Commission popularly known in Kerala as the ‘PSC’ . It was the ‘advice letter’. Another letter came in a few days time, the appointment order !!.. leaning back in my chair and typing this post, I wonder how much my life has changed since that day..

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