14 Tips To Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy Food Fruits

I know many persons who believe that staying healthy requires great sacrifices like avoiding their favourite food items,and working out in order to maintain a slim posture. Most of them are lazy enough to work out and the vast majority cannot think of a life without the food that they love. Those who are ready to make these sacrifices find themselves unable to stick on to the strict diet restrictions and workout regimens. Is Healthy living just confined to these sacrifices?

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The Indian version of Healthy Eating Plate

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Are you confused after reading hundreds of articles by nutritionists who recommend you to eat exactly 1200 calories a day? Are you looking for a simpler solution that can help you choose the healthiest food in an easier and a better way? Well, you don’t have to look any further! This article is for you. … Read moreThe Indian version of Healthy Eating Plate

Understanding Fats and Fatty Acids

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The supermarkets are heaving with numerous types of cooking oils and we the consumers are more confused than ever before. All these cooking oils are made up of chemical units called as “fatty acids” which determines the properties of the oil. Cooking oils, meat and dairy products are not the only source of fats that … Read moreUnderstanding Fats and Fatty Acids

Vitamin C – Functions, Sources, Deficiency and Treatment

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Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin which is absolutely essential for the normal development and functioning of several parts of the human body. It is required in the formation of bones, muscles, blood vessels, and gums. The natural sources of Vitamin C includes citrus fruits and vegetables. In this article we will learn the functions … Read moreVitamin C – Functions, Sources, Deficiency and Treatment

Vitamin A – Sources, Deficiency and Prevention

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Vitamin A offers several benefits to humans like promoting good eye health, helping us to see in the dark, supporting the growth and remodelling of bones, fighting against infections etc.
One of the most important essential vitamins, Vitamin A or Retinol is a “fat soluble” vitamin. This article will deal with the functions and sources of Vitamin A, the conditions associated with its deficiency, and strategies to prevent and treat Vitamin A deficiency.

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