14 Tips To Eat Healthy

14 Tips To Eat Healthy

I know many persons who believe that staying healthy requires great sacrifices like avoiding their favourite food items,and working out in order to maintain a slim posture. Most of them are lazy enough to work out and the vast majority cannot think of a life without the food that they love. Those who are ready to make these sacrifices find themselves unable to stick on to the strict diet restrictions and workout regimens. Is Healthy living just confined to these sacrifices?According to the World Health Organisation,

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity.

Internet has enabled every person to access and get health related advice at their fingertips. One nutrition expert will tell you that a certain food item is good for you and it won’t take much time for you to find another expert who says the exact opposite. If you are confused on how to eat healthy, I can give you some basic tips about  healthy eating habits which can help you choose the right food items to maintain a healthy life. You may also use these tips to prevent obesity and its associated morbidities.

Basic Tips

The first thing that you need is a firm decision to start making minor alterations in your diet. This is very important because, it is practically impossible to switch over from your current diet to a perfect healthy diet in one day. Minor changes should be implemented initially which can later be changed according to the needs. If you are on the right track and have already made the decision to eat healthy, do keep the following basic tips in your mind :

#1 Avoid packaged and processed food items. They contain added sugars, salt and preservatives which are harmful for your body. Remember the Nestle Maggi incident that happened in 2015? Why take chance with poorly packaged food?

#2 You don’t need to restrict your favourite food item altogether. You just have to balance out the rest of the day’s meals . For example, if you want to eat chocolate, have it, and reduce a corresponding portion from whatever you eat from your next meal. You may eat fresh vegetable salads to fill out the meals in order to adjust them.

#3 Prepare more of your own meals. This sounds difficult, but once you start cooking, you will come to enjoy it. Cooking your own meals can help you in deciding what goes into your stomach

#4 Prefer more of fresh fruits and vegetables instead of fries and chips as snacks. A normal person is recommended to consume 5 servings of fruits everyday. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres and antioxidants.

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#5 Drink plenty of water. You don’t require a doctor to explain the significance of water intake, right?

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#6 Don’t eat till your stomach is full. It is always recommended to fill only one-third of your stomach. This includes your meal, salads and fruits eaten at a time.

#7 Eat slowly and chew the food properly before swallowing.

#8 To prevent over-eating, avoid watching TV while having food. Another way is to eat with your family members rather than eating alone.

#9 Never skip breakfast and avoid eating 3 major meals every day. Instead eat small meals . This can help keep your energy levels higher all the time.

#10 It’s better to have an early dinner so that there is about 14 hours of fasting before the next day’s breakfast. This helps in body weight reduction.

#11 Reduce Sugar as it can help you prevent Diabetes, depression and maintain a normal body weight.

#12 Salt Restriction is very important as it helps in reducing high blood pressure and can thus prevent many cardiovascular diseases.

#13 Avoid carbonated drinks and prefer clear potable drinking water instead.

#14 When your mother-in-law serves more than your usual, learn to say “NO” politely! 

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These tips might sound very simple, but are hard to implement in real life. Eating healthy is just one step towards achieving a healthy life. You can read more about the importance of physical exercise by clicking here. If you have more good healthy eating tips, do share it in the comments below.

Have you been following any of these tips? Do you have any good tips to share with us? Leave your thoughts in simple words below at the comments section.



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