Braun digital forehead thermometer Review

Braun digital forehead thermometer Review

A thermometer is a must-have device in every home. No one escapes a “fever” once in a while and recording the body temperature is the first step in managing any kind of fever at homes. The use of thermometers becomes more evident when there are kids in your houses. So, which thermometer should you buy?

Long gone are the days of glass thermometers. The chances of breaking it and spilling mercury are just some of the downsides of glass thermometers. Digital easy to use thermometers have been introduced for a while now and in this article, we will do the review of one of the best digital thermometer available in the market. The Braun forehead thermometer is our pick of the day and we shall see why we recommend it.

Features of Braun forehead thermometer

Unlike other probe devices, there is no need to keep the thermometer in the mouth or armpit of your child. One of the best part of this device is that, you just need to swipe it gently across the forehead of the child to get the temperature reading. This feature is especially handy while monitoring the fever of small children. Restraining a crying and restless child while recording the temperature are not required.

You don’t need to memorise the normal body temperature range. This awesome digital thermometer has a built in “fever guidance system” which will display the temperature recorded in various colours making it easier for you to detect whether the child has fever or not! Green readings denotes absence of fever. Yellow and red coloured readings denotes slight and high grade fever respectively.

If you need guidance in managing fever of your child at home, you must read this article.

The device is easy to use and the large backlit display screen makes sure that taking reading in dim light is hassle free.

Accurate readings are displayed in the screen within seconds. This is unlike other probed digital thermometers where you need to wait for a whole minute to get any kind of reading.

Even though this thermometer is easier to use in children, it can be used in persons of any age.

How it works and How to use it?

This digital thermometer measures the temperature from one of the most superficial (close to the skin) arteries in our body. Temporal arteries are one of the main blood supplier to the head and are located over the temples.

In order to use the device, you will need to first power on the thermometer and then place it just above your eyebrow. After pressing the green measurement button (only other button), gently swipe it diagonally across the forehead to the temple and back till you hear a “beep” sound. It works just like our palm when we touch our child’s forehead to check whether the temperature is elevated or not, isn’t it?


  • The greatest advantage of this sleek device is that you don’t need to worry about “where” you used it the last time! If you have just one digital thermometer in your house, it becomes an absolute necessity to clean the probe after each use. With this thermometer, you can be sure that nobody in the house has used it to record oral or rectal temperature. Peace of mind, gauranteed!
  • Ease of use in toddlers and restless children.
  • Colour coded display screen to help identify high temperature within seconds. Helpful for those who are bad with numbers!
  • Safe and hygienic because no probe covers required as in oral/rectal/ear thermometers. It can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and alcohol.
  • Affordable compared to the other brands. Priced at just $24, you are getting a great deal from Amazon.
  • Lightweight compared to other forehead digital thermometers like Exergen.


  • No readings in the Celsius scale. Only Fahrenheit readings are displayed. So, if you are the Celsius guy, this isn’t the right choice for you.
  • You need to wait at least a minute before taking repeated temperatures of the same person. You need to practise taking the reading before using it seamlessly.
  • The “beep” sound produced after recording the temperature might wake up your little ones and there is no option to turn it off.

Our Verdict

Braun forehead thermometer is an easy to use device and it does provide accurate readings if you use it properly. It is by par one of the most hygienic thermometers for home and hospital use. The fever guidance system is very much helpful because you don’t need to memorise the normal and abnormal temperature ranges or even “google” the readings to find out whether the child is having a fever or not. We would definitely recommend it as your digital thermometer for home use that you can keep in the first aid kit. Another similar product is the popular Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer 2000C which does pretty much the same job as this one.

If hygiene and ease of use is what you are looking for and hospital grade accuracy is not your thing, Braun forehead digital thermometer is the best gadget you can buy. Below is the link to this product on Amazon. The offer price is now $24, so grab it before the offer expires!

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Which digital thermometer do you own? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and do share this post with your friends.

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