One Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning

One Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning

How long can you go without drinking a glass of water, tea, coffee, juices or any other fluids? Six to eight hours maximum, isn’t it? If you try to do it intentionally, you’ll find the challenge involved.

Now, just count the number of hours you sleep every night. Again, six to eight hours, right?

When a person sleeps, the above mentioned task is being carried out unintentionally. No water, no snacks or beverages for eight hours unless you chose to wake up in the middle of night to drink some water. So, how good will it be to drink a big glass of water immediately after waking up?

In this article, we shall list the health benefits of drinking a glass of water on empty stomach, first thing in the morning. So, let’s get started.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water on Empty Stomach

Here are some solid reasons why you should start drinking one glasses of water every day immediately after waking up :

  • It helps cleans your stomach, colon and the digestive system. It helps your digestive system to work more effectively. A perfectly working digestive system will automatically take care of the rest of your body functions.
  • Helps reduce weight by reducing your temptation to take a pre-lunch snack. A study published in 2010 confirms the role of water in reducing weight. Water being a zero calorie fluid, fills up the stomach and makes a person eat lesser than usual if taken before the meals. Simple principle!
  • Prevents bloating and constipation. If you’ve read this article on bloating, you’ll understand how water can help you in this regard. Fluids are required for stool formation. Two glasses of water can help you stay away from being constipated by stimulating the bowel movements.
  • Another great benefit of this good habit is that it makes you feel fresh by clearing up the toxins in the blood and firing up the metabolism engine in your cells. Drinking water early in the morning thus makes your day lively. You’ll no longer feel sleepy after having the breakfast.
  • A glass of water taken on empty stomach can greatly reduce the chances of gastritis and it’s related complications like gastric ulcers, reflux disease etc.
  • By clearing up the unwanted toxins in the body, water helps maintain a glowing skin by preventing dehydration of the skin cells, maintaining it’s elasticity and thus prevents premature wrinkles.
  • Water soluble Vitamins ( Vitamin B and C) and many essential minerals requires water for their absorption from the gut.


Keep the following tips in mind before jumping into the water therapy for good health :

  1. It is recommended to drink one glass of water in the empty stomach for a moderately built person. If you are an obese person, drink the right amount of water needed. Two glasses would be enough.
  2. Drinking more than four glasses of water for better results is not at all recommended. It can result in nausea and other unwanted health problems. Read this article to understand the right amount of water you should drink.
  3. Do NOT eat immediately after drinking water. Give some time for the water to do it’s work on your body before engaging your stomach with more work!
  4. Drink the water before and after your early morning workout.
  5. Do NOT replace the glass of water with tea, coffee, carbonated drinks, sodas or bottled juices. Pure and plain glass of water is your best choice.
  6. Make sure that the water you drink in the morning is of good quality and from a safe source.
  7. If you are planning to lose weight, make a habit of drinking a glass of water half an hour before every major meal (three). A study has proven that this simple habit can reduce your weight by 4.7 pounds in just 3 months!

So, keep a bottle of water ready on your bedside table. It will be tough to carry out this habit in the first few days. But, once you get used to it, you’ll stick with it because you’ll feel the big difference in your health within a few weeks.

The unpleasant truth about us humans is that we ignore the simple things and make things complicated by trying to do the challenging and hard stuff. This is true in every aspect of our life including our health. For example, we know that drinking a glass of water in empty stomach early in the morning is good for our health. But, how many of us do that on a daily basis?

I hope this article inspires you to try this simple tip from tomorrow onwards!

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Image Credit – Michael Hamann

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