Healthy Breakfast Recipes in India | Is Your Breakfast Really Healthy? | Doctor Prasoon (video)

Hey guys, I’m doctor Prasoon. When we sleep, we are actually fasting for seven to eight hours and breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day. They say that you should eat your breakfast like a king. But most of the time what happens is that, due to the lack of time … Read moreHealthy Breakfast Recipes in India | Is Your Breakfast Really Healthy? | Doctor Prasoon (video)

Diabetes ? You Can Eat Any Food – Without Fear – Video

fruits vegitables and healthy diet for diabetes

Tired of the diet advice for Diabetes? Did you know that you can eat your favorite food without the fear of rising blood sugar? Learn the basic principle of controlling diabetes without sacrificing on the food that you love | Fish, egg, meat, and even fruits, can all be eaten if you know this principle! … Read moreDiabetes ? You Can Eat Any Food – Without Fear – Video

Bloating, Gas – Causes & Remedies

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It doesn’t make a big deal when you are home alone or when you are with your close ones. The inability for some persons to control it when attending to their social or professional duties is what makes it really embarrassing. I am talking about “bloating” or the feeling of fullness due to intestinal gas. … Read moreBloating, Gas – Causes & Remedies

One Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning

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How long can you go without drinking a glass of water, tea, coffee, juices or any other fluids? Six to eight hours maximum, isn’t it? If you try to do it intentionally, you’ll find the challenge involved. Now, just count the number of hours you sleep every night. Again, six to eight hours, right? When … Read moreOne Glass of Water First Thing in the Morning

14 Tips To Eat Healthy

Eat Healthy Food Fruits

I know many persons who believe that staying healthy requires great sacrifices like avoiding their favourite food items,and working out in order to maintain a slim posture. Most of them are lazy enough to work out and the vast majority cannot think of a life without the food that they love. Those who are ready to make these sacrifices find themselves unable to stick on to the strict diet restrictions and workout regimens. Is Healthy living just confined to these sacrifices?

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The Indian version of Healthy Eating Plate

healthy eating plate

Are you confused after reading hundreds of articles by nutritionists who recommend you to eat exactly 1200 calories a day? Are you looking for a simpler solution that can help you choose the healthiest food in an easier and a better way? Well, you don’t have to look any further! This article is for you. … Read moreThe Indian version of Healthy Eating Plate

Can Diabetics Eat Fruits?

fruits diabetes

“I had  a mango yesterday night”, he said suggesting the possible cause for the raised Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) level.

“I usually do not have fruits, but yesterday I had to” he continued as if he had committed a grave mistake.

When I told him, “You know something? Diabetics are NOT restricted from eating fruits”, he looked surprised and the look on his face was a familiar one. He wanted to know more on whether he could eat fruits. The poor man had been a diabetic for the past 5 years and he has been restricting himself from all kinds of fruits. I had to spent 10 minutes explaining the conditions to be followed if a diabetic person wants to eat fruits.

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