One shot, two Hospitals !

“We have
another hospital under us” said my Medical Officer,
“What?” I asked in surprise,


“Yes, we have a Fisheries hospital which is also a Primary Health Centre”  she said with a sluggish grin.

A hospital
under another hospital? But why? and just two doctors to run these two
hospitals? I just couldn’t believe it. Why on earth was this happening to me? Then
the MO explained about the Fisheries PHC at Puthiyangadi. It was a mini
hospital set up around two years ago as a result of local political influence. It
had just four staffs there, who were all deputed from other nearby hospitals.
OPD was conducted there only on three days a week, every alternate day starting
on Monday. It was near to the railway station though but there was no buses to
that place.
“I am going
to hand over the charge of the second hospital to you” she said waiting eagerly for my redponse.


I almost had a cardiac arrest after grasping what she had just said.
‘‘What? now
?’’ I asked worried,


“Not now,
but shortly, maybe within the next two months” she replied.


I couldn’t ask her any more questions at that time. We were
having this conversation when the OP was going on. My mind was clearly
disturbed. I had no clue what questions I was asking the patients. It took
almost an hour to make my mind clear.



The dangers and workload one has to pass through after acquiring the charge of a hospital were well known to me and my friends. All our seniors who were already in Health Service had warned us about the hidden dangers of taking the administrative charge of a Government hospital. The cash-books, the salary bills, the leave letters, and all the paper files started to fly around me in circles.


The very next day morning, which I still remember as a Sunday, I got a call from the Medical Officer. I was still thinking about taking charge of the second hospital and thought that she would be calling to tell me something on that matter.


“Hey, I’ve got good news… I got transfer to my native place Prasoon,,, can you please come over today so that I can hand over the charge to you?” she finished with a laugh.


I couldn’t control my smile. I simply looked at the mirror and said


“two hospitals”

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