What is Diabetes?

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Diabetes, also called as Diabetes Mellitus is a non communicable disease which is now being considered as a group of diseases rather than a single disease entity. There is a normal range of blood glucose or sugar in our body. Diabetes is characterised by a sustained state of increased glucose level in the body. The main cause of Diabetes is the defects in action or production of a hormone called Insulin. Insulin is normally produced by the “beta” cells of pancreas. Insulin is the key hormone that controls glucose metabolism in our body. Diabetes is a long term condition which affects multiple organs like Heart, Kidneys, Neurological system, and Eyes.

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The Review of Bayer Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter

Persons suffering from Diabetes need to monitor their blood glucose levels and make sure that it is within the normal range. This is the only way to prevent the dangerous complications of diabetes and adjust the dosage of insulin shots.  For that, they’ll need a Glucometer (glucose meter). I’ve written a number of articles on … Read moreThe Review of Bayer Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter

What are Glucometers & How do they Work?

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People suffering from diabetes are well aware of the small mobile phone like device which they use to check their blood glucose levels. If you have someone in your family who is a diabetic, chances are that you’ll have already seen the device. But, have you ever wondered how this device works? How can this … Read moreWhat are Glucometers & How do they Work?

Can Diabetics Eat Fruits?

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“I had  a mango yesterday night”, he said suggesting the possible cause for the raised Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) level.

“I usually do not have fruits, but yesterday I had to” he continued as if he had committed a grave mistake.

When I told him, “You know something? Diabetics are NOT restricted from eating fruits”, he looked surprised and the look on his face was a familiar one. He wanted to know more on whether he could eat fruits. The poor man had been a diabetic for the past 5 years and he has been restricting himself from all kinds of fruits. I had to spent 10 minutes explaining the conditions to be followed if a diabetic person wants to eat fruits.

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Accu-Chek Active, one of the best glucometer money can buy

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Are you suffering from diabetes? Did you know the fact that monitoring the blood glucose level is the most vital step in treating and managing diabetes? You must be thinking of visiting a hospital or a medical laboratory to do these blood tests. Well, thanks to the modern technology. You no longer need to visit the … Read moreAccu-Chek Active, one of the best glucometer money can buy