Diabetes ? You Can Eat Any Food – Without Fear – Video

fruits vegitables and healthy diet for diabetes

Tired of the diet advice for Diabetes? Did you know that you can eat your favorite food without the fear of rising blood sugar? Learn the basic principle of controlling diabetes without sacrificing on the food that you love | Fish, egg, meat, and even fruits, can all be eaten if you know this principle! … Read moreDiabetes ? You Can Eat Any Food – Without Fear – Video

How to take medicines during Ramadan fasting?

All over the world, followers of Islam religion fast from dawn to dusk for one whole month. Typically persons who regularly fast, skip their medicines or adjust the dose without consulting their doctors. This can lead to many preventable health complications. Below is a video in which I go through some of the key health … Read moreHow to take medicines during Ramadan fasting?

Bayer Contour Next USB glucose monitoring system

bayer contour next usb glucose meter

Keeping track of the blood glucose level is the most essential thing to do in the control and treatment of diabetes. There are many ways of testing the blood glucose levels. MUST READ :  Get a basic idea on Diabetes Various blood tests in Diabetes A diabetic person no longer needs to visit a clinic … Read moreBayer Contour Next USB glucose monitoring system

Blood Tests in Diabetes – Methods & Results

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Is there an easy way to know whether you are Diabetic? Most of us are aware of the fact that Diabetes can be detected by simple blood tests. But, which tests to do? Which test is the most accurate and affordable one? Is Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG) always a mandatory test? What are the ideal conditions to be satisfied before performing these tests? These are some of the usual questions that we Doctors face at the hospital. If you think you are Diabetic or want to make sure that you are not a Diabetes patient, you should know the basics about the blood tests or exams. This is very important because Diabetes is usually an asymptomatic disease to start with and blood tests are the only way to detect Diabetes at an early stage. If you want to know the various blood test options for detecting Diabetes and want to do it the proper way, you have reached the right page. 

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Top 5 Blood Glucometers you can buy in India

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Are you suffering from diabetes? Did you know that monitoring the blood glucose level is the most vital step in treating and managing diabetes? You must be thinking of visiting a hospital or a medical laboratory to do the blood tests.Well, thanks to the modern technology. You no longer need to visit the “laboratory” to do the blood glucose tests. You … Read moreTop 5 Blood Glucometers you can buy in India

Choosing a Diabetes Glucometer – Top 10 Factors

accu chek performa glucometer

Diabetes is a killer disease and the only way you can beat it is by adopting a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, and of course, keeping your blood sugar level in the normal range. But, how can you make sure that your blood sugar is normal? Visiting the laboratory just for blood sugar (glucose) testing … Read moreChoosing a Diabetes Glucometer – Top 10 Factors

What is Diabetes?

diabetes, glucometer, blood test

Diabetes, also called as Diabetes Mellitus is a non communicable disease which is now being considered as a group of diseases rather than a single disease entity. There is a normal range of blood glucose or sugar in our body. Diabetes is characterised by a sustained state of increased glucose level in the body. The main cause of Diabetes is the defects in action or production of a hormone called Insulin. Insulin is normally produced by the “beta” cells of pancreas. Insulin is the key hormone that controls glucose metabolism in our body. Diabetes is a long term condition which affects multiple organs like Heart, Kidneys, Neurological system, and Eyes.

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