The Review of Bayer Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter

The Review of Bayer Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter

Persons suffering from Diabetes need to monitor their blood glucose levels and make sure that it is within the normal range. This is the only way to prevent the dangerous complications of diabetes and adjust the dosage of insulin shots.  For that, they’ll need a Glucometer (glucose meter). I’ve written a number of articles on several glucometers and you can find them here.

Today, I’m going to review one of the most popular glucose meter worldwide from the house of German healthcare  company, Bayer. You would have already heard about this one though, but I’m getting a chance to review the Bayer Contour Next EZ glucose meter only now.

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Features of Bayer Contour Next EZ glucose meter

  • No-coding required making it easy to use straight out of the box
  • High accuracy courtesy of the MultiPulse technology that tests every blood sample multiple times before displaying the final result
  • Large display
  • Second chance sampling allows you to apply more blood (if needed) thereby saving valuable test strips and money
  • Sip-in sampling absorbs just the right amount of blood sample into the test strip the very first time
  • Identify trouble spots with personalised high/low target range and summary of your blood glucose test results
  • Maximum tracking of blood glucose variations with the help of 7, 14 & 30 day average values
  • Mark each test result as pre or post meal
  • Sound alarm and reminder capability


How to use the Contour Next EZ glucose meter?

bayer contour next ez glucose meter

Inserting the grey square part of the test strip into the strip port of the meter will turn the device “on”. A hanging drop graphic will be displayed on the screen which is the indication for you to obtain the blood sample and apply it to the free end of the test strip. The “memory” button along with the up and down arrows can be used to tag each value as pre or post meal. The memory button can also be used to set a 2 hour reminder for the post meal testing. It is highly recommended to maintain a log book to record unique and abnormal blood test results. Registering the glucose meter online at the Contour Next website will enrol the user for their free service program and get the free GlucoFacts software which is compatible with both Mac and Windows. For a demo of the Contour Next EZ glucose meter, click here.


  • Accurate results in less than 5 seconds
  • Sip-in sample technology requires just -0.6 microL blood
  • Memory capability of 480 values
  • Data can be synced with computer for easy tracking
  • Small (3.03 x 2.24 x 0.74 inches) and light weight (1.7 ounces)
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Test strips are easily available
  • Works just fine in high altitudes (20000 feet)



  • Black and white display
  • Data transfer to computer needs a [easyazon_link identifier=”B015Y182IQ” locale=”IN” tag=”beithedoc-21″]USB cable[/easyazon_link] which is not included in the box
  • Alternate site testing is not possible as only fingertip blood sample can be used for tesing
  • Requires 2 CR2032 batteries
  • High cost compared to other brands like Accu-Chek and One Touch


The ease of use and high accuracy of the Bayer Contour Next EZ glucose meter makes it a good choice for new diabetes patients. The Contour Next USB glucose meter is an upgrade to the Contour Next EZ meter and is smaller, sleeker and perfect for the tech-savvy patients. The [easyazon_link keywords=”bayer contour next” locale=”IN” tag=”beithedoc-21″]Indian price[/easyazon_link] of both these Bayer glucose meters are comparatively higher due to the import duty and taxes. Don’t miss-out on the GlucoFacts software, nutrition and diabetes friendly diet planner guides that are freely available on the Bayer website once you register the product.

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4 thoughts on “The Review of Bayer Contour Next EZ Glucose Meter”

  1. Dr. I would like to buy one reliable & accurate blood pressure & one blood glucose meter Basic m/c.
    We don’t want any memory or other Facilities. pl. give me name of manufacture & M/C model.

  2. Been using One Touch for 2 years. Suddenly, readings jumped 20 points when I started using a new shipment of both strips. Had been using both the company’s expensive strips and the cheaper after market strips. Just bought a Contour Next, and on my first test, my blood tested in the same range as the 19 months before it had suddenly jumped.
    One Touch strips are extremely expensive and the after market is cheaper but the test results are all over the map.

    • Hello,
      Glad to know that the Contour Next glucose meter worked fine for you. I’d recommend you to stick to one meter and compare it’s result with a lab result rather than another glucose meter. And yes, the One Touch strips are a tad expensive to other brands.

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