Use the NicoDerm CQ Nicotine patch to Quit Smoking

Use the NicoDerm CQ Nicotine patch to Quit Smoking

Most of the smokers I meet at the out-patient department are aware of the harmful effects of smoking on their health. The majority of them also would have tried to quit smoking at least once in vain. One must have real motivation to quit smoking completely. But, doing so could prove really challenging. This is where a small push or support in the form of therapy can help.

I have already written an article listing some of the best ways one can adopt to quit smoking. If you’ve read that article, you might have noticed that nicotine replacement therapy occupies the top position in that list. Nicotine patches are one of the most widely used and popular methods of nicotine replacement therapy. In this article, I’ll be reviewing one such nicotine patch that you can buy over the counter and use to say goodbye to cigarettes for ever.

What is NicoDerm CQ nicotine patch?

Nicoderm CQ is a nicotine containing thin patch which works just like the band-aid. When applied over the skin, it releases nicotine which passes through the skin to the blood stream. Unlike the sudden jolts of nicotine released by cigarettes and other nicotine containing addictives, NicoDerm CQ releases nicotine rather smoothly. This is made possible by the special design of these patches that can control how fast nicotine is delivered through the skin once applied. The smooth delivery of nicotine through the skin continues as long as you wear the patch. This can greatly help reduce the craving for nicotine you might experience once you stop smoking.

Do I need a prescription to use NicoDerm CQ patches?

The good news is that even the United State’s Food and Drug Administration has approved the over-the-counter sale of nicotine patches like NicoDerm CQ. Prior to 1996, one had to get a prescription to use nicotine patches. NicoDerm CQ comes in two main types :

  1. Step 1 is for those persons who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day. These patches contain higher doses of nicotine, usually 21 mg
  2. Step 2 are for persons who smoke 10 or less cigarettes a day. They usually contain 14 mg of nicotine.

Nowadays, you need to get a prescription only for higher doses of nicotine containing patches. So, if you’re motivated enough, just give it a try and don’t worry about prescriptions.

Features of NicoDerm CQ

  1. Proven scientific technology that can help you quit smoking.
  2. Each patch provides a 24 hour period protection from cigarette craving.
  3. The patented SmartControl technology provides a controlled release of nicotine for 24 hours.
  4. Comes with a free online access to Committed Quitters (CQ), that gives an individualised programme to help you quit smoking for ever.

How to use NicoDerm CQ nicotine patch?

The first step of using NicoDerm CQ patches is to choose the right strength (Step 1 or 2). As explained earlier, you need to start with Step 1 if you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day. Step 2 would be enough if you smoke 10 or less cigarettes per day.

The important thing to note is that, each step has different lengths of use. Step 1 patches should be used daily continuously for 10 weeks. Whereas, Step 2 should be used continuously for 8 weeks.

Start using the patch on the day you plan to quit. Remove the backing from the patch and immediately press the sticky side onto skin that is dry, clean and hairless. Hold for 10 seconds.

A new patch should be applied to a different skin site at the same time each day, which will help you remember when to put on a new one. Do not leave the same patch on for more than 24 hours as it may irritate your skin and lose strength.

What are the common side effects of NicoDerm CQ nicotine patches?

Step 1 users might experience mild skin irritation where the patch is applied. This can be reduced by changing the skin site daily. Other common side effects experienced includes insomnia, vivid dreams, increased heart beats. The nicotine patches by themselves do not lead to heart attacks. But, if you have a known heart problem, it would be better to start using the patches after consulting your doctor.

Step 2 nicotine patch users usually do not experience any severe side effects owing to the low doses of nicotine. Mild skin irritation may be present.

You may wear the patch for 16 or 24 hours. If you crave cigarettes when you wake up, wear the patch for 24 hours. If you have vivid dreams or other sleep disturbances, you may remove the patch at bedtime and apply a new one in the morning. Higher the strength and duration of the patch, more are the chances of side effects.

Please DO NOT

  • Smoke while using the nicotine patches.
  • Cut the nicotine patches to half or other small sizes
  • Forget to wash your hands after applying and removing the patch
  • Use the same patch for more than 24 hours
  • Use the patches for more than the prescribed time period without consulting your doctor
  • Start a new addiction like alcoholism or dope while using the nicotine patches
  • Forget to talk to your doctor if you are on any medications or if you have a heart disease before using the nicotine patches.


Final Words

Researches have found that smokers get real relief with the help of nicotine patches. If the user is highly motivated, these nicotine patches can go a long way in helping them quit the addiction. Quitting can be more effective if nicotine patches are used correctly and when combined with either a counselling or de-addiction programme. So, don’t waste your time anymore, try a nicotine patch.

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