Bayer Contour Next USB glucose monitoring system

Bayer Contour Next USB glucose monitoring system

Keeping track of the blood glucose level is the most essential thing to do in the control and treatment of diabetes. There are many ways of testing the blood glucose levels.


A diabetic person no longer needs to visit a clinic or laboratory to test the blood glucose level. Advancements in modern technology has made it possible to do these blood tests with compact devices that can be easily carried in your pockets. This article is the review of one such glucose monitoring device that has some additional unique features too.

Features of Bayer Contour Next USB glucose monitoring system

  • Connects directly to a computer for instant access to test results and trends, as well as recharging the battery
  • Autolog feature prompts for fasting pre-meal and post-meal markers to help organize your results
  • If you strictly monitor the carbs in your daily diet, there is feature to easily add this data too. In addition to that you can also input the insulin units taken each time in order to understand the bigger picture of your diabetes status.
  • Your doctor will be overwhelmed when he gets the huge amount of information on your diabetes. This will help him make appropriate decisions in altering or changing the diabetes treatment.
  • Second-Chance™ Sampling allows you to apply more blood to the same test strip. This unique feature helps to  prevent wasted test strips, thus saving your money as well as your valuable time.
  • MULTIPULSE™ accuracy technology from Bayer ensures highly accurate glucose measurements. The blood sample is tested seven times before collecting the data.
  • No Coding™ technology eliminates inaccurate results due to a user miscoding. If you have read the review of Accu-Chek Active glucometer, you’ll be aware of the coding procedure required before using every new test strip vial. Fortunately, no such coding is required for Bayer’s Contour Next USB meter.
  • Built-in GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE software lets you check results on the meter or on a computer.

bayer contour next usb glucose meter

How to use it?

The Bayer Contour Next USB glucose meter works just like any other glucose monitoring device. Watch this video to understand exactly how to use the Bayer Contour Next USB glucose monitoring device.


  1. Easy and ready to use out-of the box.
  2. Sleek and compact design makes it perfect for office and travel use.
  3. Smallest drop of blood needed as sample.
  4. Bright display.
  5. USB support to sync with a computer.
  6. Fast and accurate readings in 5 seconds.
  7. Strips are cheaper compared to other models.
  8. It beeps to remind you to take the next reading after 2 hours. The interval after which the device beeps can be adjusted.
  9. It even beeps to denote the correct insertion of the test strip.
  10. Registering the product online will give you additional free goodies like batteries, test strips, lancets, five year warranty and access to Bayer’s own Diabetes care programme.


  1. Only 2000 values can be stored or backed up at a time.
  2. Lancing device is a big downside. It would be better to go with the Accu-Chek SoftClix or FastClix lancing devices instead.
  3. The strips are flimsy and more bendy compared to the other standard glucometers. You’ll need to get used to it.

Our Verdict

Just imagine handing over a print-out of your diabetes data log to your doctor. The log will have your blood glucose readings categorised as fasting, pre-meal or post-meal. It makes things easy for you as well as your doctor (certainly helps me!). This can be done by using this sleek blood glucose meter which works just like a USB memory stick. You can record the test values in the device as well as use a free software which comes with the device to sync easily with your computer. The Bayer Contour Next USB glucose meter allows you to do just that.

The Bayer Contour Next USB blood glucose monitoring device is perfect for IT professionals and for those people who travel a lot. It is unbelievably small and compact compared to the other standard glucometers available in the market. The test strips are also much cheaper for the Contour Next USB meter. The only downside that I can think of is the lancing device which comes with it. If you have your own favourite lancing device, this glucometer will become your favourite gadget within a short time.

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