The Big Bang

They say life started with the ‘Big Bang’. When the postman delivered that letter at my home a few months back, I didn’t realize that my life was going to change drastically. The letter was from the Public Service Commission popularly known in Kerala as the ‘PSC’ . It was the ‘advice letter’. Another letter came in a few days time, the appointment order !!.. leaning back in my chair and typing this post, I wonder how much my life has changed since that day..

My parents, relatives and all the neighbours were happy that I was going to be a government servant. But I wasn’t to be honest. Getting a government job in Kerala is like winning a lottery. Yeah I’m not exaggerating things. It’s a fact. I think its mainly the pensions, the allowances, leaves and the salary which makes the govt job so attractive. ‘Assistant Surgeon’ is the starting post in the general cadre of the Kerala Health Department. Though I have not much surgical skills, I decided to try it. You guessed right, I am a doctor. Holder of ‘’just’’ an MBBS degree.

The story takes place in Kerala, the land teased as the ‘god’s own country’. After failing two attempts to get a Post Graduate seat, the government service was not a push over. The NEET-PG 2012 was a different experience altogether and like all those who participated in the online exam, I too was ambitious. I thought the exam results will be declared soon and then I can discontinue the government service. Fate had other plans for me. I’m not going into the failure of  NBE (National Board of Examinations) in declaring the results. That will take another blogger atleast a day to write about, I reckon. So we’ll leave it (NEET) there.

The day for counselling was scheduled on 19th December 2012. So me along with my two friends (batch-mates) travelled to Trivandrum. The counselling day events will be updated in my next post. Believe me, there are things that you need to know.

You can read the Counselling day details on this page. I had to choose a Primary Health Centre in Kannur district which was about 120 kilometres away from my home town. Things were dramatic when I first visited the District Medical Office, (Health) at Kannur. I had to repost at the hospital very soon and it didn’t took long before the unexpected event happened. Life as an Assistant Surgeon was challenging and changing me at the same time.

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