Top 5 digital Blood Pressure monitors you can buy in India

Top 5 digital Blood Pressure monitors you can buy in India

All of us would be aware of the term Hypertension or more commonly known as “high blood pressure”. There would be at least one person in every family who is suffering from this disease. The main reasons behind the rapid rise in the number of persons having high blood pressure are the modern lifestyle and unhealthy food habits. Hypertension by itself is a silent disease to start with, but uncontrolled and long-standing cases of hypertension can lead to several dangerous cardiovascular complications. Stroke, cardiac arrest, kidney failure being some of the common ones.

Primary prevention of hypertension can be done by reducing salt intake in the diet. Other simple yet effective steps to prevent hypertension includes adopting a healthy and balanced food habits, doing some physical exercises and getting rid of addictions like smoking and alcoholism.

A person who has been diagnosed with high blood pressure will be given medicines to reduce and keep the blood pressure in the normal range. But, to start and maintain a proper treatment, doctors rely mainly on blood pressure recordings. The more frequently you record the blood pressure values, the better it is for your doctor to titrate the medicines.

This is where a blood pressure monitoring device (sphygmomanometer) comes into the limelight. But the sphygmomanometer used in the hospitals needs a little bit of clinical knowledge for it’s correct usage. The digital blood pressure monitoring devices on the other hand doesn’t require any kind of clinical skills or know-how. The hypertensive patient can check the blood pressure in the comforts of their home and even make the device memorize the recorded values! This can be immensely useful for the doctors as well as the patients.

So, if you are a hypertensive and have decided to buy a blood pressure monitoring device to use in your home, you will be facing the next big question!

“WHICH blood pressure monitoring device to buy?”

In India, a person who intends to buy a blood pressure monitor has only limited options. They have to visit the nearest medical or surgical dealer shop and buy whatever brand is available there. The only other way around is to log in to online commercial stores like Amazon and get plenty of options.

If you are one of those confused lot, I’d suggest you to read the detailed buyer’s guide on choosing the right type of blood pressure monitor first. The digital type of blood pressure monitor is by far the most recommended type of device for use at home simply because of it’s ease of use. In this article, I review five of the most popular blood pressure monitoring devices that you can buy with full confidence. The review will cover the unique features, price and cons for each of these devices. So, let’s get started.

#1 Omron HEM 7120 blood pressure monitor

omron 7120 blood pressure monitor

Omron is undoubtedly one of the best manufacturers of healthcare devices. The same fact stands true when it comes to blood pressure monitors.

Omron HEM 7120 is the most popular blood pressure monitoring device in the market. It does a descent job of simply  checking your blood pressure. Like other digital automatic blood pressure monitors, this model from Omron has the following features :

  • One touch operation
  • Large and clear display
  • Body movement detector
  • High blood pressure detector
  • IntelliSense technology which automatically inflates and deflates the cuff appropriately.
  • Cuff size fits almost all average Indian’s arms. It is suitable for arm circumferences ranging from 22 cm to 32 cm.

As it is a low-end model, the memory capacity of the device is quite low. It can only memorize the previous recording! So, you’ll need to write down the values in a book (with date and time) if you are planning to buy this one. This is required to keep a track on your blood pressure variations.

BUY the standard Omron HEM 7120  blood pressure monitor for just Rs 1100 and get a 45% discount!

#2 Omron HEM 7132 blood pressure monitor

Omron 7132 blood pressure monitorOmron HEM 7132 is yet another popular blood pressure monitoring gadget from the renowned healthcare giants. This particular model has high accuracy and is highly recommended by doctors. The device comes packed with the following additional features :

  • Memory capacity to store 60 readings with date and time.
  • Irregular heartbeat detector in addition to the body movement sensors.
  • Fits a wider range of arm sizes (22 to 42 cm). This is particularly useful for obese people for whom medium-sized cuffs won’t be enough.

There won’t be any need to maintain a log book to track the blood pressure values. This compact machine will do it automatically for you. Priced ranges from Rs 2600 to Rs 3000 on Amazon, this product is a good choice if you are planning to make it a Christmas gift.

BUY Omron HEM 7132 blood pressure monitor Now!

#3 Omron HEM 7130L blood pressure monitor

This is by far, the best one in this list. It comes with the following unique features :

  • High level of clinically validated accuracy. This is achieved by intelligently displaying the average of 3 readings taken in 10 minutes. This greatly reduces the chances of errors. Omron is  claiming an accuracy of +/- 3 mm Hg for blood pressure and +/- 5% for pulse rate in this device.
  • The large cuff automatically deflates quicker than other models because of speedy release of the deflation valve. This reduces the discomfort and pain on the arm produced by the inflated cuff.
  • It can be used to record 60 readings  of each user. All the readings are recorded with date and time.
  • LCD display with backlight which makes it easier for those with visual impairment and to take readings in settings with low light.
  • The irregular heartbeat sensor in this device does a pretty neat job and that too very intelligently. If the irregular heartbeat hampers the blood pressure measurement, the device automatically decides if the measurement is valid or if it needs to be repeated. Valid blood pressure readings are displayed along with a symbol to denote irregular heartbeats. If this symbol alone is displayed frequently, it will be better to consult your Cardiologist for further medical evaluation.

I should point out that this device comes with a large sized cuff. It suits arm circumference in the range of 22 to 42 cm only.

These additional unique features in this device comes at an additional price too. The device can now be bought at an offer price ranging from Rs 2500 to Rs 2800.

BUY Omron HEM 7130L BP Monitor NOW!

Bonus : Here’s a link to the AC adapter for Omron blood pressure monitors

#4 Dr Morepen BP One blood pressure monitor

dr morepen bp one monitor

Dr Morepen’s BP One is a fairly new and regular blood pressure monitor. It is quickly gaining popularity with its modest features and affordable price. It has features like :

  • 120 readings memory capacity!
  • Irregular heartbeat sensor
  • 4 users interface
  • Medium sized cuffs are included, and are suitable for arm sizes 22 to 32 cm

This monitor is priced at Rs 1140. Considering the above features, it is a good deal from Amazon.

BUY Dr Morepen BP One monitor NOW!

#5 HealthGenie BPM02T TALKING blood pressure monitor

health genie talking blood pressure monitor

  • Yes, this one talks! It is particularly useful for bed-ridden, old aged persons and for those who are blind or visually impaired to check their blood pressure independently. This new gadget has the following features :
  • It gives a voice output of the blood pressure reading
  • Automatic Off feature
  • LCD screen displays results in large font
  • It has 60 x 2 memory capacity
  • Irregular heartbeat detector
  • Fits arm sizes from 22 to 36 cm

This device is priced at Rs 1130 now on Amazon. A pretty good deal for some of the best features you can get.

BUY the HealthGenie talking BP monitor NOW!!!

Final Words

This was a comparison and review of 5 of the best blood pressure digital monitors that you can buy in India. Omron, is by far the leading brand in the market. All the Omron products mentioned in this page comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.  All these devices operates on AA batteries (4) and can also be charged using AC adapters (not included in some models).

It is important to note that, while using these blood pressure monitors, the instructions given in the user manual should be strictly followed. This will help in taking accurate measurements.

Are you a medical student? Do you have someone who works in the healthcare field at your home? Well, why not consider the manual type of blood pressure monitors? The mercury and aneroid blood pressure monitors are cheaper and have the best the best clinical accuracy. Read the complete buyer’s guide for choosing the right home blood pressure monitor by following this link.

I hope you liked this article. For more such articles, subscribe to our newsletters by filling up the form in the top of this page. If you want to know more on this topic, let me know by using the comments section below.

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17 thoughts on “Top 5 digital Blood Pressure monitors you can buy in India”

  1. Bought Rosemax aneroid bp monitor.

    After a lot of trials to check my own bp, I am unable to do it.

    Previously I had a digital BP monitor and did not face any problems. But it developed a problem after about a year. Hence tried Rosemax. But I think digital one’s are easier and I found them accurate. Problem is digital one’s develop problems and have battery expenses.

    • Hello Asif,
      Please read my article on the “buyers guide for choosing a blood pressure monitor“. I’ve explained the advantages of digital blood pressure monitors there. Aneroid meters are easy to use but, their accuracy needs to be validated every now and then. I recommend you the Digital blood pressure monitors for easy self measurements. If you’ve any more doubts, please feel free to ask me.


  2. How often the blood pressure monitors requires calibration and which agencies in India are authorized for calibration?

    Ramtirath Loomba

    • Hello Ramtirath,
      Apologies for the delayed response. Calibration of blood pressure meters depends on their type. You can read about the different types of meters in this article. The easiest way to calibrate your blood pressure meter is to take it to your doctor’s office and compare the values. If there is more than 15 mm Hg difference, on multiple tests, you should consider contacting the manufacturer of the meter. If that’s not possible, take your blood pressure meter to a local surgical vendors shop and they will be able to do the job for you (for a minimal fee). I’m not sure of a particular agency who deals with the calibration work as such. Hope this helps.

  3. Hello Dr. Prasoon,
    Recently I bought a sphygmomanometer ( Santa medicle from canada) and a stethoscope from lifeline(gamma) to measure bp at home. But i can not hear the proper diastolic sound with this stethoscope. So please guide me for a new
    stethoscope under Rs. 1000 , or to replace a cheastpiece

    • Hello Anupam,
      Glad to know that you’re regularly monitoring the blood pressure. Before switching or repairing the stethoscope in your hand, please make sure that it’s damaged and not working. You can do that by listening to heart sounds. If it’s not broken, make sure that you’re placing the diaphragm at the right place. It should be placed on the “medial aspect” of the biceps tendon that you can find easily by palpation.
      If it’s broken, try to get a MicroTone stethoscope (the one within your budget) as it does a good job even though it’s a bit hard on the ear canal. I’ve used it at my medical school. Here’s the link –> MicroTone stethoscopes

      Hope that helps.
      Dr Prasoon

  4. Hello Dr. Prasoon,
    I wants to buy a digital bp monitor, plz tell me under 2000 rupees which one is best. I m from Kolkata. Thanks a lot.

    • Hello Diganta,
      If you’re looking to buy an automatic blood pressure monitor for home use, the OMRON meters will be your best bet. They’re mostly accurate and highly reliable. Have a look at this Omron meter on0 Amazon.
      Hope my answer was helpful.

      Thanks & Regards,
      Dr Prasoon

  5. Dr.Prasoon I found your article on BP meters in India is very useful. I have some personal problem and hope you can throw some light on this. I am 65 yrs age male. I have been hypertensive past 15 years. I have been using Telmisarten 40 Mg. & Amiliodipin 2.5 mg normally once in a day. Past few months I have been using same above dose twice a day. I am type 2 diabetic past 16 years. My H1abc is around 10.

    Reasons: My BP is high during my stay in my house in Hyderabad reaching 150/100 some times. Pulse rate varies from 65 to 100

    My BP is almost normal >130/90 most of the day when I am in native place Guntur.

    This has been happening since 6 months.
    My present lifestyle is semi retired. No anxiety known to me.

    One of my nephew is a doctor and he recommended to check my Kidney function test, and is normal.

    I would like to know the reasons for this kind of variations in two places. I tried with 2 brands of digital meters and one conventional mercury meters also.

    I am looking forward to hear from you through e-mails if possible.

    Best regards

    K.N.Rao (Hyderabad presently, native Guntur)

  6. Nice article about BP Monitors Technology I would like to add here that MDI is the latest Technology in BP Monitors which Measures During Inflation and it does not need to wait for deflation.
    It assures more accuracy and comfort to the arm of the patient.

  7. Sir please let me know which Omron digital bp apparatus for home use is validated which is officially available in India?

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