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Patient Queries

How does Salt water Gargling help sore throat?

What are the best healthy eating tips?

Can Diabetic persons eat fruits without any fear?

How to get rid of bloating?

My life is very stressful, is it really bad?

How to manage fever at Home?

How to use Thermometers properly?

How to get rid of mosquitoes?

What are the dangers of Sedentary Life Style?

Why was Maggi Noodles banned in India?

We use the well water for our daily needs, how can we disinfect the well water easily?


All that you need to know about the Universal Immunization Programme is available here.

Why you should vaccinate you children?

Why some parents hate vaccination?


Tetanus and it’s prevention has been highlighted in this article.

Ebola Virus Disease explained for the common man.

Swine Flu or H1N1 

Rabies and it’s Prevention

Dengue Fever


Kyasanur forest disease or Monkey fever

Lifestyle Diseases



Coronary Heart Diseases


Smoking and it’s harmful effects on health

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